aditi rajagopal.

Software Engineer - Inventor - Artist


  • In a nutshell, who are you?I’m a software engineer, inventor, affinity group leader, and SWE advocate at IBM, based out of Rochester Minnesota. I’m also the FY18 Treasurer for the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) Minnesota Professional Section - the largest SWE professional section in the USA. Over the past 5 years I’ve worked primarily in web development and cloud infrastructure - it’s been exciting to see the transformations in the way we use and define technology and “the cloud,” collaborate and communicate as technical professionals, and build and ship products. I’m all about that front-end development life - I’m currently on the front-end development team for the IBM Cloud Container Service, and I enjoy exercising my design skills through my freelance work. I love that through my work (IBM, SWE, and freelance) I’m able to get a greater picture on business operations, and product management. Picking up on the similarities, subtle differences, and cross-applicable best practices is something I crave.
  • How do I pronounce your name?/ah/dhi/thi /rah/jah/go/paal.
    My first name tends to be a bit tricky for a lot of people, so you can pronounce 'Aditi' as /ah/dee/tee if you'd like. The last name is pretty easy though. Don't stress yourself out. It's phonetic. No surprises here.
  • Are you looking for new opportunities?This is a big "maybe." It really depends on the position, and tbh the location. If you take a quick glance at my track record, you can see that my roles and responsibilities have evolved since I was an electronics intern at Calsonic Kensai to now, as a front-end developer at IBM.

    I have a wide array of skills, and I love to learn. Therefore, I'm looking for a career-change that would allow me to exercise more of my skillset. My professional interests include: front-end development, design, strategy, and brand management. If you can give me an opportunity to expand my horizons beyond the technical realm and into the business side of things, I'd be really interested.
  • What are you currently reading?1. Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans2. Crushing It!: How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence-and How You Can, Too by Gary Vaynerchuk
  • Are you interested in joining our DevOps team?plz. no. I mean, I could. I would be more than capable to. But I don't want to. Especially if that's the only thing you want me to do.
  • Where are you from?West Bloomfield, MI. Born and raised in southeast Michigan. I graduated from West Bloomfield High School, and more recently, from University of Michigan.
  • Tell me about this nifty websiteDo you like it?

    - Languages Used: ReactJS, HTML, SCSS
    - Frameworks: GatsbyJS, Tachyons.io
    - Deployment/Ops: Netlify
    - Packages & Plugins: react-reveal, gatsby-image, gatsby-link, gatsby-plugin-netlify, gatsby-plugin-react-helmet, gatsby-plugin-sass, react-scrollable-anchor

    No, I haven't written unit tests. But hey, I'm getting better at this!


It's from the ICM days, but you can check it out here!

Working directly on the product, on the customer facing UI. Also working with IBM Design to establish design standards (carbon)

I gave 2 talks at the final SWE Region H Conference, which was at University of Michigan. I partnered with my work-bestie Susan to give a talk on Reverse Mentoring, and I gave a talk on the latest trends in cloud computing (for beginners).

With help and guidance from my team lead, I shifted my focus from operations to UI/Front-end development. Created and owned an "Ops dashboard" for the Container Service.

I partnered with my best friend Melanie to give a lightning talk on Shine Theory, and I gave a talk on contributing to Open Source projects (for beginners). You can also checkout my keynote speech here

Started to work on the IBM Container Service on the 'next generation' squad.

The room was packed, and I was really nervous. But the slides were super cute. Would consider revising and redoing this presentation.

Worked in the upstream community, specifically on the networking (Neutron) project. My role evolved into scoping out latest trends in container technology (Docker, Swarm, Mesos, Kubernetes)

Started working as a Software Test Engineer on the "IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack (ICM)" product.

Volunteered abroad for 2 weeks. We spend the previous semester planning a 1 week STEM camp for 5-8th graders in Walchandnagar, India. We also traveled around Northern India. 2nd contingency to participate.

You can read more about this here, but in a Nutshell:
1. Created and managed the section's web presence
2. Revamped communicationa and advertising efforts (1 & 2 led to the section winning the SWE-HQ Communications Award)
3. Rewrote the Strategic Plan based on industry trends, gaps in our programming, and the campus climate.
4. Evaluated and reorganized the leadership structure, and individual roles

Worked on the Site Experience team, mostly in front-end development. My 'capstone' project was creating a recency and relevancy search algorithm that went into all portfolio sites. I'm a little sad that these publications aren't running anymore 😕. xovain was my favorite, and I spent so much time reading their posts even after I finished the internship.

Sidebar - I've debated trying to create my own version of xovain, but I feel like I'd need to invest in 1) better makeup etc and 2) an actual camera that isn't my phone

Spent most of the summer teaching myself the basics of web development, graphic design, and mobile app development. I was one of 3 developers, and 1 of 5 overall. My skills evolved, I had the opportunity to dabble in product and marketing strategy, and I even created our investor portfolio and led our social media marketing campaigns. This was my first experience working on a remote team, and my first experience doing freelance work on the side.

I spent the semester planning the Mr. Engineer charity competition. This included creating the promotional marketing material and campaign, re-envisioning the flow and content of the program, and coordinating participants. The event was a huge success - we sold out the auditorium, and raised over $2500 for DAPCEP

After discussing my options with two different advisors, I ended up declaring Computer Engineering. Looking back, it was more like Professor Brehob pushed me into Computer Engineering and sent me home.

I worked on the Electronics team focused on electronics testing and supply chain. The 2011 Japan Tsunami created a lot of supply chain issues for subcomponents (capacitors, resistors etc), so I spent a considerable amount of time tracking missing parts, identifying alternative suppliers, and testing alternative parts in the lab.

Led two research studies with guidance from Dr. Shivani Gupta, oculoplastics specialist via the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). The studies were focused on accessing quality of life, and quality of care for patients with Graves Eye Disease and Thyroid Eye Disease. This experience was basically the nail in the coffin for my M.D. prospects.

Started at the College of Engineering with the intent of majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Joined the Society of Women Engineers student section