Stacy Brickman for West Bloomfield School District Board 2014 Campaign

    Stacy Gold Brickman is one of my neighbors back home. She has played an active role in the West Bloomfield School District over the years, and in 2014, she decided to run for a highly contested position on the District Board.

    Stacy ended up winning one of two seats on the School Board beating her opponents with over 500 votes.


    Bright Ideas, Bright Future

    Stacy is passionate about the school district, and is always coming up with innovative ideas to support the schools. Considering her love for ideas, and the school colors (Green & White), I created this logo. In tandem with her campaign platform, this logo was featured heavily on the campaign trail; including but not limited to: yard signs, jumbo post cards, social media, bumper stickers, and flyers

    Web Design

    Unfortunately, we decided not to continue hosting the site, but here is a screenshot

    Stacy wanted a website to share information about her campaign, provide information on how to vote, and to showcase endorsements. In addition to this, I maintained her Facebook page


    Informing absentee voters

    West Bloomfield has a large senior citizen population, and thus a large absentee voter group. In order to inform voters of her experience and platform, Stacy and I collaborated to create this flyer. I was in charge of the design, and Stacy provided the type content. We used vistaprint to print these flyers, and voters found them very informational.