Things we Learned in Nashville

    This post was co-written & edited by Kendall Nelson

    Last week, we attended the Society of Women Engineers Annual Conference (we15) in Nashville Tennessee. We stayed at a hostel in Downtown Nashville, walked around everywhere, and were continually inspired by the people we met. In addition to learning about ourselves, the society, and the state of female engineers everywhere, we learned these key facts:

    1. Cowboy boots are expensive
    2. The "easiest" way to get cowboy boots is to convince your friends to opt into the "buy 1 get 2 free" deal
    3. St. Louis BBQ Sauce is our favorite (sorry Tennessee)
    4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Cones are better in theory than in practice
    5. Creepy dudes down South at least know how to dance nicely (their footwork is impeccable, you don't even need to try)
    6. Being surrounded by 8000+ female engineers is like being surrounded by 8000+ of your long distance besties
    7. Always carry your manager's business card (in addition to many of your own) - you never know when you'll need it
    8. Never be afraid to hug inspirational people. Chances are, their inspirational qualities will rub off :)
    9. There are a lot of "problems" that need to be solved with respect to Women in Engineering & Women in Technology. Creating dichotomies is not what STEM fields need right now....
    10. Try to life chats with as many people as possible
    11. If you haven't already, read up on Shine Theory

    Hope to see y'all at we16 in Philadelphia

    Checkout some more highlights via our compiled Storify: